Todo va a peor: February 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The phenomenon of Snakes in the Sun

Camera Solar Dynamics Observatory, the United States Space Agency (NASA) captures the appearance of 'snakes' on the surface of the sun. The snake seemed to be crawling all over it.

Snakes are known as "solar filament" is burned through 435 thousand miles or equal to two times the distance of Earth to the moon, in the south. "Solar filament" is a collection of dense gas that hangs above the solar surface.

Gas comes from the corona or outermost layer of the solar atmosphere with forms such as thread and explode at any moment. The color is a bit darker because it has a lower temperature than the temperature of the solar corona.

Researchers space, Tony Phillips said he has observed the appearance of solar filaments containing electrical charge. Each filament solar storm has the potential to form the sun or "go" back into the sun.

"There are three possibilities for each occurrence of solar filaments, back to the sun, broken or collapsed and then exploded on the surface of the sun," Phillips wrote on the website Spaceweather.com. He added that until now have not found the impact of the emergence of the Earth's solar filaments.